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Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated Boxes / Outer Master Cartons

Coming to Corrugated Boxes, also known as, Corrugated Cardboard Cartons, we manufacture packaging boxes as per customer’s requirements. But broadly, it can be bunched into certain types of corrugated boxes. Those are 3 ply corrugated box, 5 ply corrugated box, 7 Ply Corrugated Boxes Die cut box, custom printed corrugated box, white boxes, and multi-depth box.


Duplex SBS Mono Cartons / Inner Boxes

Inner cartons made from single layer duplex board or SBS/ FBB is an important part of our printing and packaging industry.


Printed Corrugated Rolls & Corrugated Sheets

We can make 2 ply Corrugated Rolls with printing which is broadly used by Packers & Movers, relocation companies & furniture manufacturing companies to protect the product from damages. The width of the roll can vary from 22” to 62” according to the requirement.
Corrugated Sheets are made in 3/5/7 ply which is being used by Packers & Movers and relocation companies.


Air Bubble Rolls

Air bubble rolls are used by eCommerce companies, Air Bubble Pouch Manufacturers, Packers & Movers, and relocation companies to give cushioning and protecting their products during transportation. The width of the bubble rolls vary from 0.5 meters to 2 meters and GSM or gauge varies from 30 GSM to 150 GSM.


Self Adhesive BOPP Tape

Self-adhesive tape is being used by every industry in the packaging of their products. We manufacture printed tapes up to 4 colours and width of tape can vary from ½ inch to 4 inches.


Stretch Film / Cling Wrapping Film

Known by various names such as LD stretch film, cling film, wrapping film, protection film, VCI film, hand grade or machine grade film is used to protect the outer packaging or products from water, dust & other damage. Width varies from 3” to 40” or 75mm to 1000m with various thicknesses from 9 microns to 80 microns.


Packaged Mineral Water

Our group is manufacturing packaged mineral water under the brand name – “ AQUA VISHAL” in Gurgaon with various size options.


Chemical – Rosin Fortified / Rosin Neutral Size

We are manufacturing Rosin Fortified & Rosin Neutral Size for paper mills which further uses it to manufacture different types of paper that require strong adhesiveness.


Adhesive – BOPP Tape Plants

We have recently started manufacturing adhesive used in BOPP tape plants, it comes in a HDPE drum of 240 kgs packing.

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